Finally after seven years….

This landmark for the City of Lowell’s Hamilton Canal District celebrates the hydro energy that powered the historic mills of Lowell, America’s first great industrial city.

Hydro creates a playful interactive experience for children to explore the journey of water flowing and swirling through a “turbine” gateway that confidently strides forward to greet and embrace the public.

Commissioned by the Cultural Organization of Lowell for the City of Lowell

Parker Foundation
New England Foundation for the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Nancy Donahue
TRC Companies

Artist: Nancy Selvage
Model making assistants: Nathalie Royston, Avery Kallas, and Pablo Iriarte
Structural engineer: Daniel Bonardi
Foundation installation: Fran Glavin/ Samsom Concrete
Fabrication: Paul Amaral’s Amaral Custom Fabrication crew, especially master welder, Gene Silva

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